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Sunday, 6 July 2014

An update of sorts

Lochlan Michael turned 8 months last week and here I am posting the typical cliche phrase - where has the time gone? I can barely remember the tiny newborn attempting to latch on, the noises, the smell. It's fading quickly but rather than feel sad I am enjoying all the new changes and growth. There is *always* something new to get excited about. 

Lochlan: doesn't sleep through and recently has been waking every 45 mins to an hour. We are exhausted. He won't take a dummy (which secretly I am quite pleased about)

He has no teeth. Not one. Boooo.

He loves to roll back and forth and can exit a room crawling on his back. On his front? Er, no. He can sit unaided but would prefer to spend his day lounging around on the floor. We breastfed but he is now on formula. We are still co sleeping. We babywear (well, mostly the Wife does) and we cloth diaper.

He is my world and I didn't realise it would be so amazing. Apart from the no sleep thing (let's not focus on that) - everything else is perfect. Being the lazy blogger I am here are some photos:

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