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Monday, 12 August 2013

I am SO lazy..

...and tired. We've had builders working on the apartment above for 5 weeks. 5. I am on my last nerve and so, so tired. I don't sleep well at all these days and can't even squeeze in a cat nap in the day. Hey ho - 3 more weeks and we'll living in our new 2 bed apartment - hoo-fucking-ray.

I could write more... about the complexities of choosing nursery furniture or the fact I was in the ER room last Wed but I'm simply far too lazy. Suffice to say, everything is ok and I'm suffering with muscular problems/possible SPD.

I'll leave you with some recent photos and promise to make more of an effort next time...

28w pics:


  1. How cute is that scan pic!! Glad to hear everything's going ok :)

  2. Ok so my response is going to be as random as your post. Here goes...

    Oh no! Why were you in the ER? I LOVE that cat picture! I love the scan pic and the picture of you all dressed up. And I totally get the exhaustion. I'm there too.