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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tardiness, heat and brioche rolls

So, yeah, I know - I've been pretty lapse with the 'ole blog recently. I re-read a few posts recently from last year - so much more enthusiastic back in the day. Decided today would be the perfect opportunity to update - apparently the temperature may hit 34 in London so I am sensibly hiding inside and attempting to keep cool. I don't even think being pregnant is really that relevant - everyone I know is struggling at the moment and according to reports there appears to be no break for this English heat wave. *fans self*

On Monday we reached the fantastic milestone that is 24 weeks. We were quietly jubilant, and yet: we still worry. I think as the weeks go on we allow ourselves to become more attached and therefore the idea of a loss is simply incomprehensible. Of course the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim but still - we worry.

Regardless of our various concerns we DO need to get organized and therefore the spending and nesting has begun in earnest. (Pretty difficult considering we are in the middle of a house move which may fall through so we are currently in limbo land) We have purchased the pram, which I guess is one of the bigger purchases out of the way - we went for the Bugaboo Camelon 3, in black. Had absolutely no intention of buying such an expensive pram but after trying out various models we were won over (well, The Wife was) Turns on a penny and so easy to fold up - do NOT want to be wrestling with a pram come November. We also purchased the car seat (maxi cosi cabriofix) and the mattress for the cot, which potentially could be going back. I've been picking up sleep suits weekly on my travels/online in various sizes - collection building up quite nicely. We also have a stack of gifts already which we are extremely grateful for.

Due to the lack of space in our current property, we had decided to just purchase a cot but 'if' the house move goes through and we have a second bedroom then we are buying a nursery set from Mama's and Papa's. Hopefully we should know by Friday, so fingers crossed pls!

There are so many other things to get but I need to take a deep breathe and realize Rome wasn't built a day. Baby NFC will not remember if we don't have 3 wraps available for him the day he arrives. I can feel myself getting caught up in the FTM hysteria and commercialization of it all and I *really* didn't want that to happen....but is it even possible to fight it?

On a physical level I'm doing ok (major lower back pain at the weekend) although no weight gain at all, in fact loss. Very odd considering the size of my bump at 24 weeks and the fact people keep referring to the size of the bump. My next MW appointment isn't till 28 weeks so hopefully the MW will be able to measure my tummy and give us an indication of what we are looking at.

How far along? 24+2
How big is baby? Corn on the cob!
Total weight gain/loss: loss - 7lbs
Maternity Clothes: dresses, flip flops.
Have you started to show yet? Yeahhhh no hiding this puppy!
Sleep: Struggling but mostly due to teeny tiny bladder and the heat
Best moment this week: Hitting 24 weeks!
Miss Anything? Not so much now.
Movement: Baby kicks all the time – very exciting to see tummy move
Food cravings: Sugar. Muffins, brioche rolls, and bacon sandwiches
Anything make you queasy or sick? Feel very sick each morning again but it goes once I have eaten
Gender prediction: Having a BOY!
Symptoms: Very sore lower back
Major purchases this week? Fuzzi Bunz cloth nappies


  1. I think we're having parallel pregnancies on different continents. You look amazing in that picture by the flowers. :)

  2. Great pics and great bump :). Glad to hear it's all going well!

  3. You look amazing!

    Happy that all is well :)

  4. Nominated your blog for a Liebster award!

  5. I've also nominated you ;). Will post the questions soon but don't feel like you need to answer all of them!