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Friday, 6 September 2013

32 weeks

(well, I will be on Monday)

So, where to start? 

Firstly, we moved house. Today we have been in the new apartment for exactly one week and it is slowlyyyyy starting to feel like home. We still need to buy new furniture - for example the living room has a nice new couch in (which Daisy-the-cat is enjoying scratching the shit out of), a TV and er, that's it. Baby's room is devoid of furniture and The Wife has appointed it her dressing room for the time being. The move was not without stress - and I do NOT recommend moving when in the third trimester. I am extremely tired at the moment and have just start started taking iron supplements as my levels have dropped, which I hear is pretty normal at this stage. It's been frustrating because usually when we move house I pretty much run the show and have everything organised in the first few days - that has literally been impossible. 

Yesterday we has a bit of a scare: no movements all day. Tried not to get to hysterical about it, but if I am honest I started thinking the worst. He is usually extremely active - the day before I was watching him move across my tummy and could almost grab an arm or a leg. To have nothing yesterday put into a  complete  tailspin - The Wife wanted to head straight to triage. I tried to remain calm and suggested we wait till I had eaten dinner but still nothing after that. In desperation I ate a LOT of chocolate and low and behold, he started kicking off. Thankfully this morning he is just as active. Whilst we don't feel quite ready for him, we both wanted him out and with us last night.

Size wise, something doesn't seem right: I'm still the same weight now at 32 weeks as I was the day we found out we were pregnant. But measured 34cm at 30w so knows what is going on?! I've  been tested for gestational diabetes which thankfully, came back clear. Maybe water? Maybe a big baby? Maybe I'm just short!

In more cheery news, I have gone on a bit of a spree and ordered the nursery furniture and wintery maternity clothes. Don't think I'm going to be able to run around in little dresses and flip flops for much longer!

My thoughts these days are very much focused on the birth plan and having the perfect birth (ha) - if anyone feels like sharing theirs, pls do!


  1. I'm 32 weeks as of yesterday. I love how close together we are. I love the picture of you! You look gorgeous. I'm impressed that you just moved! I can hardly do my own laundry, much less relocate. Crazy girls ;)

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