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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Yeah I know. I'm a rubbish blogger. In a nutshell we had two blasts put back on Saturday so am currently 3dp5dt.

And not a symptom in sight.

I know I shouldn't be comparing this round to the last cycle but it is practically impossible. So last cycle I had hot flushes and dizziness @ 2dp5t - yesterday - zilch.

Last cycle @ 3dp5dt I had tons of twinges. TONS. Today: nothing. Granted, it IS only 8am but I am really struggling to shake off the doom and gloom.


  1. Every cycle is different, and your blasts might still just be getting cozy in there!

    Good luck!

  2. Hang in there :). I've read about lots of people getting a BFP when they had no symptoms and thought the cycle was a bust. It's a long hard wait, I know. Keep your chin up. I've got everything crossed for you :)