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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Symptom spotting!

The fact I have a record of symptoms from my last cycle has made this 2ww unbearably difficult. If I didn't feel the same symptom on the same day - well, that's it. Game over.

I cannot WAIT for Monday to tidy this up once and for all. Least once we know....we can make plans. If it doesn't work I think we are intending on a two week break in the USA...away from London, the cold, everyday pressures.

But enough of the forward planning: symptoms for cycle #2:

5dp5dt (today) - no appetite, little nauseous, thirsty, peeing a million times a day, tons of twinges (but shouldn't implantation be done by now?) lower back pain, very emotional - lots of tears!
4dp5dt - upset tummy (urgh), mild itchiness, twinges, lower back pain, tears, not myself at all
3dp5dt - eventually in the pm... twinges, thirst
1-2dp5dt - nuffink

Last cycle we had a faint line @ 6dp5dt. So tomorrow morning I shall be armed with my trusty First Response tests.... fingers crossed!

NFC xoxo


  1. Hang in there this all sounds reassuring! :) I hope you get a BFP!!

  2. My twinges/cramps lasted for weeks...It could have been the progesterone or my uterus changing but I was and am still pregnant! Try not to stress too much!!