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Monday, 18 June 2012

Signed off!

Just had confirmation from our clinic this morning that our consultant has signed off all the necessary bits and bobs.... so we are now 100% official!

Consequently Operation-Get-NFC-BabyReady has begun in earnest. Well. The Wife has been shovelling folio acid down my throat for the past week so that's a start yes? I've also *gulp* picked a start date to go cold turkey with the wine and caffeine. DREADING the caffeine withdrawal - anticipating horrendous headaches. I mentioned all of this to my Mother yesterday and she merely raised her eyebrow. See, my Mother is from a generation of times gone by. " I smoked all the way through carrying you" she said, somewhat smugly. Hmmm I thought to myself: that's why I was a 6lb baby, have very small hands and feet and am now only 5'2. *indignant sniff* Apparently in 'the good old days' all pregnant mothers had the odd glass of wine. Reallllllly. Not that I'm judging (ok maybe a little) but for ME it doesn't make sense to go through all of this and not give it your best shot. SO! July 1st is the day. And I believe I will be starting down regging around July 13th. Which reminds me, I need to post a little explanation as to what all the acronyms are! A friend recently contacted me after reading some updates and pointedly informed me that non ttc'ing people will need a little assistance. So I will get around to that very soon. Yes.

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