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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Long vs Short protocol

I'm all confused. The nurse at the clinic originally said I'd be on a short one. Just received an email stating I would definitely now be on a long one. Feeling slightly hysterical and over-researched on this topic as I keep seeing that a short protocol produces better quality eggs...

For all you IVF people out there... What did you go on?


  1. Hi, I'm not sure I wasn't given the choice but my protocol was 3 weeks of BCP then AF came then about 10 days of stims then eggs retrieval and I was suppose to do the transfer 5 days later. So I think it was 6 weeks all together. Can you choose? I think the shortest the better, it will be easier to stay sane.

  2. Alas...the nurse I spoke to yesterday said the clinic prefers long because it gives them more control (makes sense) and also more eggs are produced....I guess I gave to make the assumption they know what they are doing....