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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Jabbity-Jab Jab

FINALLY, after 7 months since our first consultation, we started Menopur 150 last night.

The Wife was a total pro (of course) - she mixed up the dose after work (I'm finally getting the top shelf of my refrigerator back) and went in for the kill @ 21:30 during the commercial break whist watching Dallas. Yew-haw!

It hurt. A smidgen. To be honest I'm more preoccupied by the recent headaches I'm getting - today is day 3. Putting them down to the Synarel which I'm starting to loathe. I'm also confused as to why I'm still sniffing all the way through stimms? Anyhew.

Yesterday I drank almost 3 litres of water and I still went to bed with a headache. Tonight is injection #2 of 12 and I'm hoping to start feeling a bit perkier which I hear happens to some women during stimming. Meanwhile I'll just carry on with the protein overload and hot water bottle on the ovaries. Egg collection is scheduled for Sept 26 - eeeeeek!


  1. Glad to hear things are finally moving! You need to keep sniffing as that's what stops you from ovulating too early and losing all the lovely eggs you've been trying to grow. The headaches aren't good. I had alot of trouble coping at work with them and ended up taking panadol in the end. Anyway good luck with the stims!!! I look forward to hear how your scans go :)

  2. FINALLY! what a big week that's going to be, i start my writing course and you go egg collecting :-D