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Monday, 14 October 2013

Full term!

And about bloody time! 

I have been feeling complainy and sorry for myself since 30w and it is progressively getting worse. I realllllly feel for the many people who listen to my complaints and moments of woes (you know who you are!)

I SWORE I wouldn't become *that* person but alas, I have succumbed to the third trimester pity party. I'm in pain with SPD to the point I don't go out unless necessary. Necessary basically means the labour ward recently with reduced movements. That's it. Not even the grocery store! Sob.

I am TIRED. Sleep is pointless. I'm up 5 times a night whether it be a loo trip or a dramatic bout of acid reflux (fun!)

My hips hurt, my pelvis hurts, so trying to get comfy in bed is near impossible. The actual thought of having to go another 5 weeks to 42 sends shivers down my spine. I shan't. They cannot make me. 

So: operation get baby out has begun in earnest. All the usual tricks - I won't go into too much graphic detail. And so now we wait. 


37w exactly!

Bag - finally packed.

My staple breakfast these days - if it doesn't show up glucose in my urine - I probably don't want it. 

She knows.


  1. Wow. Hang in there! Have been thinking of you. Hope the rest of your wait goes quickly. And don't worry about complaining. You're allowed to!

  2. I agree, don't even think twice about complaining! I remember those days. Just when you think it will never end or get better it does! I can wait for you to have your little one!

  3. Congrats on full term! I love all of your pictures....the cat (haha, adorable), the baby bag (so impressive, I need to pack mine!), the pancakes (hell yes!), and you! You look so great! Is this weird, but where did you get that nightgown? It looks comfy and cute at the same time.

    Finally, sorry you're in pain....that sound so awful. it makes me appreciate how good I've been feeling (relatively). I wouldn't feel bad about being ready for baby...you need some relief!

    1. Apologies for the tardy response but well, I know you'll get it! Hope you are doing ok - we are 3 weeks today so you must be just over that?

    2. Oh - the nightgown is from Primark - I laboured in it as well! (Apart from the c section part)