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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Not that I want to tempt fate or anything but we have passed the point of mc from the last cycle. I *want* to relax and start to enjoy this pregnancy and yet - I'm still cautious.

Had a scan last week @ exactly 8w. Heart was in my mouth but straight away she informed us that the baby was fine and HB was nice and strong. She also pointed out that the baby is nice and high and nowhere near my cervix. Good.

This pregnancy *definitely* feels different. Sick, sick sick and sadly the only way to combat the sickness is food. Have gained about 14lbs since the start of the last cycle in July and the mc. Not majorly happily about it but I guess it is what it is. Mentioned dieting to the midwife yesterday who poo-poo'd the idea straight away. She did suggest exercise - I recoiled in horror. Maybe just time to step away from the cookies...

My blood pressure is high again - aaaah. Thought we had that under control, esp since I stopped drinking caffeine.

There isn't much else to say re baby stuff - really feel like we are in that inbetween stage where not much is happening. Lots of nice things coming up which I am looking forward to: hen parties, weddings, civil partnerships, birthday events and we have also just booked a weeks vacation in May in Fuerteventura, an island in the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Africa. We have booked a private villa with a pool and I foresee much walking on the beach, sleeping, lazing in the pool and plenty of BBQ's with lots of lovely locally caught fish.

NFC xoxo


  1. Glad to hear everything is going well! :)

  2. Sounds like things are going very well. I've just stumbled across your blog. You are just a couple of weeks behind me (I'm 11+3). :-)
    I look forward to following your journey!