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Monday, 25 February 2013


Beta last cycle @ 9dp5dt - 32. The writing was on the cards, really.

Today @ 9dp5dt (so 14dpo) it is 86. I'm not devastated by that number but I'm not jumping for joy either.

Anyone have any low beta number success stories for me? *slump*


  1. I think 86 is pretty good for 9dp5dt. I think they are looking for anything more then 50 at that point. Mine was 81 at 8dp5dt. So yours isnt far off from mine.

    1. Thank you for your very prompt response! Roll on Wed and the next beta...

  2. Hang in there for the next beta. I'm sure the numbers will start jumping up :)

  3. Ours was 74 at 7dp5dt and My doctors were fine with that and so far we are almost 16 weeks and all is well. Best of Luck and extra sticky baby dust your way.

  4. I found this website that has a HUGE database of different beta scores that resulted in successful pregnancies. Betabase.info-it just shows that betas can measure all over the charts! Stay positive!